Let’s Start with an Introduction

Now that I have gotten things working, perhaps it is best if I begin with an introduction.

I am a transsexual, and I completed my transsition some years ago including necessary surgeries. I was born male, given a male name, and treated as such. However, my brain insisted I was supposed to be female. I won’t get in to detail in to exactly what I mean by my brain insisting I was supposed to be female in this introduction. I will save that for another post on another day.

I’ve been watching things decline the past several years. Transsexual rights, women’s rights, and relations between transsexual women, biological women, and the greater trans community. I am hoping that by using a format longer than a tweet or toot I might be able to get my points across more clearly, and perhaps change a few minds. I have seen others fail, usually by falling in to unfortunate traps. I will do my best. I want for us to work together where we can find common ground. Let’s make progress there, for all of us, and then we can sort through the parts where we each disagree.

Now I have views that will likely upset some from each of the mentioned demographics. Let’s keep it civil, let’s make space for each other, and let’s think before we speak or type. Everyone involved is a human being, and it is important we don’t forget that. I know my articles will attract an opinionated audience.

With all that said, you may call me Crystal.

Things are dark for almost everyone right now. Please stay safe, and try to find comfort and happiness where you can.

You’ll be hearing from me again.

Crystal Kyanite

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