Roe V. Wade has fallen. Women in many states have lost the ability to choose what to do with their own bodies, their bodily autonomy. They’ve lost life-saving care and many will die who could have easily been saved. They have lost the ability to move on after rape and heal.

 I am not going to say transsexual women or transgender women are men. However, all of us were born in male bodies. Prior to transition procedures, we looked, and sounded like boys and men. We looked just like the people who rape, hit, abuse, and kill them. We asked women to see past that and allow us to take space among them as one of them. Whether we are entitled to that space or not is another discussion for another day. Either way, so many women have accepted most of us, and many of those who haven’t are understandably afraid – especially now. We can not sit this out. If we’re going to say our place is with them, then be there with them when their rights are being fought for. If we are women, then we are to go stand with women. Get out there and march with women if you can! Vote in favor of women at every election for every seat and office! Write letters! If you’re in a state that has already banned abortion care, keep secrets, remind them to delete tracker apps! We must do everything we can! And most importantly, when you’re standing and fighting for women’s rights, that includes women who hate you! Keep it to yourself, the demonstration is not the time for it.

 The last march I attended, I saw someone with a big flag saying “Don’t forget about transgender rights”. I don’t think you understand how that looks. One of the complaints I see most often is that trans move in to women’s spaces and shout over them, and that’s exactly what that flag can come off as. Maybe they didn’t intend it that way, maybe they did. Either way, don’t. We have our own marches, and hopefully, cis-sexual women will be there for us. We must be there for them.

It is very important we set aside any differences, or other debates, and fight till women’s rights are codified. If you are someone who shouts “TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN!”, but insist this fight doesn’t apply to you because you won’t ever need an abortion, or that you will sit this out because some “TERF” said mean things, or if you had the balls, PUN FUCKING INTENDED, to claim some women “deserved it” or they’re “lucky they can get pregnant”, then what the fuck are you even doing here?!





Crystal Kyanite

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